Domain Registrant shall be careful about domain scam activities.  Most of domain scam involves email, fax, phone, and/or postal mail, and notify user that someone would like to register similar domain/trademark/search engine registration, and ask the user for the opinion.

When user receive the (similar) enquiry, please pay more attention.

Below is for information/reference.  User may refer to the original

“Another company is trying to register your name”
The first type of domain scam often involves a company phoning you claiming that someone is trying to register an alternative version of your domain name. They will offer you the chance to register that domain name at a high price to “prevent the other person from taking your domain name”. They will often give you a short time limit, maybe only a few minutes, to decide whether you want to register that domain name and prevent someone else from taking it.

The people allegedly about to register the other name rarely, if ever, exist, although there have been instances where the alternative domains have been registered by “the other person”. If this happens, it is most likely that the domain scammers are “the other person” and have registered the domain name themselves.

Our advice is not to register any domain names with any company making such claims. If you feel the domain name is important to you, register the domain name online with us or another provider at much lower prices. You may be able to do this even while you discuss matters with the domain scammers.

“Renew your domain name now or lose it!”
Another type of domain scam is where a company sends what appears to be a domain renewal invoice through the post, even though they are not your domain registrar. These “invoices” warn you that you should renew your domain registration with that company or risk losing your domain name. The design and wording of the “invoice” has often been carefully chosen so that it appears to be a renewal invoice, whilst technically and legally it could be classed only as a transfer notice.

Our advice is to only accept domain renewal notices from the company that you registered your domain name with in the first place. If you are in any doubt as to who you should pay for domain renewals, contact your existing domain registrar.

For more information, user may search “Domain Scam” in Google


Below is one of the suspicious example for domain scam for reference



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