BizFTP How to modify ftp user account right and password

In the following ftp tutorial, we will go through how to modify BizFTP user account access right and user account password.

  • Firstly go to BizFTP control panel page and login.

1.modify ftp user right 000

In BizFTP control panel page.
1.1modify ftp user right 001
This is the successful login page.

1.2modify ftp user right 001a

Click on “list User” to modify the setting.


1.3modify ftp user right 001b
In this “list User” page, choose the user account you need to change/update password or access right.  And click “modify” to next step.


1.4modify user right 001c
In situation 1. which is modify the password.  Please create a new password to the user and put in the password box and reenter the password in the reenter box.

In situation 2. which is modify the user account access right.
1.42modify ftp user right 001d
please select the access right type for the user account.

Here are difference types description

Full Access – Allow Upload and Download
Full Access Invisible – Allow Upload and Download (but no file list shown)
Upload Only – Allow Upload only
Upload Only Invisible – Allow Upload only (but no file list shown)
Download Only – Allow Download only
Download Only Invisible – Allow Download only (but no file list shown)
Suspended – Cannot login

1.5 modify user right 001e
Click submit to finish.

1.6modify ftp user right 001f

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