How to setup Email in Apple iPhone/iPad

User may use Apple iPhone or Apple iPad to send/receive email.

Below is an setup example based on Apple iPad 2017 (iOS 11.4)

1. Goto “Setting” , goto  “Accounts & Passwords” , and choose  “Add Account”

2. choose “Other”

3. Input your Email address and its password

4. Input server details, user login details. (Below is an example for

(please refer to account information email for email server naming)

Incoming Mail via IMAP (email contents stored on server, suitable for multi device users, e.g. mobile user)
IMAP Server : (for SSL) , or (for non-SSL)
IMAP Port: 993 (SSL) , or 143 (non-SSL)
Incoming Mail via POP3 (email contents downloaded to your desktop, suitable for fixed location users, e.g. office user)
POP3 Server : (for SSL) , or (for non-SSL)
POP3 Port: 995 (SSL) , or 110 (non-SSL)


Outgoing Mail SMTP
SMTP Server : (for SSL) , or (for non-SSL)
SMTP Port: 465 (SSL), or 587 (plain-text or STARTTLS)


SSL, TLS are encrypted connections
STARTTLS is Opportunistic TLS encrypted connection (if supported TLS encrypted connection, then use TLS.  Otherwise, use plain-text connection)
Plain-text is standard (non-encrypted) connection

(By default, iOS will use IMAP (with TLS 993) and SMTP (with TLS 587))

5. Done.


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