How to change e-mail account password and quota in Direct admin page

  1.  Firstly, login to direct admin page
  2. Go to Email Management and click POP3 E-Mail Accounts

change password and quota01

3.In the table, choose the e-mail account which you would like to change password/quota and click (change)

change password and quota02

4.1(To Change password)Enter your new password and Re-Enter password in these boxes.

change password and quota03

**We suggest password at least 8 digit with at lease 1 letter or 1 number **

4.2(To change Account quota)In Email Quota (Meg) box, put in the new quota.  The size is count on (MB)

change password and quota04

**If put in 0 in Email Quota (Meg) box, yours e-mail account can use all the hosting space to receive e-mail.  It wasn’t really unlimited space**


5. Finally click (Modify) to complete the change

change password and quota05

change password and quota06

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