BizFTP Tutorial – Initial FTP Setup

In this tutorial we will go through How to login BizFTP Web control Panel, Initial Setup, User Account and Email Notice setting

  • How to login BizFTP Web control Panel

When you become our customer, you will receive an email about your account.  It includes your FTP server name, Control Panel, Username/Password.

Below we will use , FileZilla for example illustration

FTP account info

Open your web browser (below will use I.E. to display)

1. web access 001

Open the I.E.

1.2web access 002

Put in the ftp control panel URL

1.3web access 003

This is the page of BizFTP  web portal

1.4web access 003a

And click on “Admin Login”

1.5web access 003b

Put in the admin information.  Step1. Put in the User name, password and Security Code.  Step 2. Click Submit

1.6web access 003c

This is the page once successful login.


  • How to initial setup your BizFTP account?

2. web access 003c

On the left hand side, you can choose
“Create User”, “List User”, “Disk Usage”, “FTP Activities” , “Admin Activities”, etc.

2.1 web create user 001

Click on “Create User”

2.2web create user 001a

In “Create User” page.  You may need to put in the user account information.

2.3web create user 001b

Step 1. Create and put in an user name and password
Step 2. Put in a Description and you may chose the files Description and  type of user level.

Here are difference types description

Full Access – Allow Upload and Download
Full Access Invisible – Allow Upload and Download (but no file list shown)
Upload Only – Allow Upload only
Upload Only Invisible – Allow Upload only (but no file list shown)
Download Only – Allow Download only
Download Only Invisible – Allow Download only (but no file list shown)
Suspended – Cannot login

Step 3. Setup E-mail alert or not.  Here are the interval you may chose
15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 Day

2.4web create user 001c
2.5web create user 001d
Step 4. Click “Submit” to finish the setting or Click “Reset” to reset.

2.6web create user 001e
This is the page will show, once you success create an user account.






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