How to setup email forwarder

You may use Email Forwarder to
– make an email alias (e.g. from to , but without actual mailbox), or
– make a copy of incoming email to another email (e.g. you have both POP3 mailbox and email forwarder for

In the following we will show you how to setup email forwarder in direct admin panel. Please follow the step to setup.

  1. Login to DirectAdmin web control panel
  2. Go to Email Management,  choose Forwarders

email forwarders01

3. Click Create new E-mail Forwarder

e-mail forwarders02

4.  Put in the email account which you need to forward, and the destination email.  Finally click Create to finish the setting

email forwarders03

** If you need to forward to more than one email address, please use “,” to delimit those email address, e.g. – forward to,,

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