Some loyal customer may find the MySQL database version is 4.0.27 (but not MySQL 5.x)

From our past test upgrade experience, if we directly in-place upgrade the MySQL , as MySQL 4.0 uses 1 collation – Latin1 – to store data, whereas 4.1 (or above) contains the collation setting,
incorrect collation setting will cause the data import invalid, and may cause the non-English characters (i.e. big5/gb2312/etc) into rubbish.  In your web application (e.g. phpBB, osCommerce, etc) those character cannot be seen.

You need to manually export the database before upgrade, in the new version, set the correct collation and re-import it.

So, in order to preserve the data, there are a few limited servers running with MySQL 4.0 database.

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