If you registered domains via other provider, and you would like to find us for ongoing domain renewal, you shall consider to proceed a Domain Registrar Transfer process.

There are a few notes –

1. Domain Registrar Transfer involves a few parties
a. You (i.e. the customer)
b. Your original service provider
c. Your original domain registrar (e.g. Network Solution, OnlineNIC)
d. our company domain registrar (Directi or eNom)
e. our company
During the transfer process, if any party reject the request, the transfer will become failed.

2. Domain Lock Status and WHOIS privacy protection.
Before domain transfer, customer shall check any LOCK placed onto the domain.  Please remove (disable) the lock if enabled.
At the same time, if WHOIS privacy enabled for the domain, please disable the WHOIS privacy protection too.

You may check the status at http://whois.domaintools.com
e.g. http://whois.domaintools.com/website-solution.net
In the Registration Tab, if you find REGISTRAR-LOCK (or clientTransferProhibited), it means the domain is locked, and cannot be transferred.

3. Domain Ownership
You may use http://whois.domaintools.com to check the domain WHOIS contact information is yours (or your provider).  If not yours, please ask your provider to update it (or get the username/password/URL) to update on your own.

4. Need Time
In general, international domain takes around 7 days to process.  If customer likes to transfer, it is recommended to contact us around 1 month before expiry.

5. Procedure
– First, please ask your current provider to get Domain Authorization Code (or called Domain EPP code, or Domain Secret).  Then, check the domain is locked or not.
– Then, pass the Domain Authorization Code to us
– We will create a domain transfer order
– Within 5 – 7 days, in most circumstances, the domain will be transferred successfully.

– Fee: standard domain registration renewal fee.

6. Notes
– Only active domain can be transferred.  Expired domain cannot be transferred.
– It applies to .COM , .NET , or .ORG domain name.  Separate procedure is applied for .hk domain.
– After successful transfer, the domain validity will be extended for 1 year
– It is not possible to transfer a newly registered, just transferred or just renewed domain.  It requires 60 days later before transfer.

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