Since Dec 2016, ICANN is implementing a new policy on the domain information.

Every time, when any changes made on domain registrant information (e.g. first name, last name, organization, and/or email), it will trigger a IRTP validation.
For IRTP validation, domain registry will send 2 approval emails. One to existing registrant contact email, another one to new registrant contact email.
Inside the 2 confirmation emails, there is a confirmation link in each email.
Both existing registrant contact and new registrant contact click on the link, and confirm the change.

Email Subject: Change of Registrant request for – (Current/New) Registrant. Action Required.

For details, please refer to , section: Inter-Registrant Transfer (Change of Registrant)


Below is an example for

Existing Registrant contact will receive –

New Registrant Contact will receive –

Both contact press on (approve or decline) link URL, it will show –

If no problem, you may press “Approve” to confirm the change of domain WHOIS registrant information.


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