How to use FTP through Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Internet Explorer

ftp in ie001

2. In the site URL, put in your ftp address.  In this example we are going to use to display.


ftp in ie002ftp in ie003ftp in ie003a 3.Once you click enter.  It will comes up a window, and please put in your user name and password and click”Log on”


ftp in ie004

4. There are the page is FTP root directory.

ftp in ie005

5. In this step, go to “View” and click “Open FTP site in File explorer”


ftp in ie006ftp in ie007

6. It will comes up a window and require put in the user name and password again, and click “Log On” to access.

ftp in ie008

7. Once click “log On” you may use the FTP through Internet Explorer.

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