Recently, another common suspected fake/scam email style claims to have intruded routers, computers, etc., and implanted malware,… as below –

If you go to Google, search for some of the text in the email (such as – this account is hacked! Renew the password immediately!), you will find some relevant information.

Or, you can go to Google, search for the claimed bitcoin address, and you may find abuse information –

When SpamAssassin recognizes Bitcoin-related fake email, it will add BITCOIN_SPAM and/or BITCOIN_EXTORT scores to Spam Score.
Users can consider to add mail-rules in Outlook
If the email header or email content contains the words BITCOIN_SPAM or BITCOIN_EXTORT, then (for example) move the email to trash.
(Note: 100% accuracy is impossible for automatic detection, users can check the contents of the trash when needed)

the sender email address can be spoofed.  It is similar that someone use an envelop of XYZ company and send the postal mail back to XYZ company, and claiming your system is hacked.
– In our web hosting, we employed SPF (sender policy framework) DNS record to suggest to other mail exchanges which hosts are authorized to send mail for a domain


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