SmarterMail – How to forward email to one (or more) destination address

Scenario 1 – Forwarding email without an email address

As the domain administrator, log in to SmarterMail > Domain Settings > Account > Aliases

Enter the name (such as info, projectxyz), email and other information.

Select [Save] and you’re done.

You or others can send email to this alias and it will be automatically forwarded to the relevant email address.


Case 2 – Forwarding email to an existing user

As the domain administrator, log in to SmarterMail > More > Domain Settings > Account > Select the email account you need to modify

On the right, activate Allow automated forwarding, fill in the email address to be forwarded, and that’s it.

Scenario 3 – Individual users automatically forward their emails

As a normal user, log in to SmarterMail > More > Settings > Account > Forwarding





** pay attention to,
If you want to send emails from an alias email address, you need to open [ Alias ​​can be userd from address in webmail ]

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