SmarterMail – How to setup CardDAV in Android

With CardDAV, you can synchronize contacts in your Android device with the personal address book of SmarterMail.

Since Android does not have a built-in CardDAV software, users need to install CardDAV client software separately before they can connect to the CardDAV server.

The following is a demonstration of CardDAV-Sync Free (by dmfs GmbH), a common CardDAV software used by many people on Android –

1.  Enter CardDAV apps, choose [Add account] , choose [CardDAV]


2. Input –
Server name or URL :  (free trial server:  (please refer to account information email)
Use SSL : On
Username : Your Email Address
Password : Your Email Password
Then, Next


3. Give a name in Account Name

4. Then, Done

– You have 2 (or more) contact list inside your Android.  if you like new contacts to be synchronized with SmarterMail, choose CardDAV one.


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