SmarterMail – How to Setup CardDAV inside MacOS

With CardDAV, users can use MacOS to connect SmarterMail personal contacts.

1. Choose “System Preferences” > “Internet Accounts”


2. Choose “Add Other Account”


3. Choose “CardDAV account”


4. Input
Server: (refer to account information email)
Username: your email address
Password : your email password
Sign In


OK.  Done.  You can view SmarterMail contacts inside MacOS Contacts apps.


After adding CardDAV account, newly added contact will be added to “SmarterMail address book”

If users want to keep new contacts inside MacOS,
user may goto “Contacts” > Preferences” > “General” > “Default Account”, and choose “On My Mac”


Also, inside Contact Apps, there are “All on My mac” , and “SmarterMail contacts”





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