How to strength the BizFTP usage security?

How to strength the BizFTP usage security?

Nowadays, in the Internet world, there are no 100% guaranteed secure system available. Even card center, bank, or government entity are also facing the security problem.

In order to minimize the risk of being intruded, below are some recommendation(s) for FTP usage –

  • Use “FTP over SSL” connection, then you FTP username/password and document are transfer in a encrypted tunnel.
  • Use strong password instead (e.g. contains at least 8 characters with number, capital and small letters)
  • Change FTP password regularly
  • Minimize using BizFTP in public computer
  • Install Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware in your desktop/notebook computer

Furthermore, in order to minimize BizFTP being abused or attacked, BizFTP employs the following setting –

  • Concurrent 15 connections at maximum from the same username and same IP
    (FileZilla or IE makes 2 connections at the same time)
  • Within a hour, system will search and block any IP with over 65 password incorrect trial for 1 hour

In case you needs to transfer some sensitive files, you may consider to use some encryption software (like TrueEncrypt) to encrypt the file before your send it to the FTP server for added security.

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