How to use file manager in direct admin panel?

How to use file manager in direct admin panel?

In this tutorial we will show how to use file manager in direct admin.  You may use file manager in direct admin create,copy, delete, modify, upload and download files/folders …etc.  At first, you need to login to direct admin.  Here are the picture is successful login direct admin.
file manager001
In this page, go to click file manager
file manager002
Once you are in file manager.  Here are the following picture show you.
file manager003

In this page, you may choose one of your file/folder and select in the select box.
file manager004

At the end of the page, in right hand side, you will see a lot of function button on it.
file manager005

We are going to introduce those button, what they are and what they use.

1. Set Permission
file manager006
Once you had selected folders/files, and click set permission button, your folders/files will change the permission.
**in our web hosting service, (.php  644), (folder 755)**

2. Add to Clipboard
file manager007
This button function just like “Copy” function, it will temporary add a files/folders in to Clipboard.

file manager008
2.1 “Copy Clipboard Files here” “Move Clipboard Files here” “Empty Clipboard”
These three button is use for

Copy clipboard file in to the other folder.  (it will move the files/folders copy)

Move Clipboard Files here. (it will move the original files/folders which you selected)

Empty Clipboard (clean the files/folders which you copy, select, or move)

3. Delete
this button is use for delete files/folders which you selected.  **please use it  with care**
file manager009

In Filesystem Tools user usually will use
file manager012
Create New Folder & Create New File

These two button which is use for create new folder and create new file.

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